Analysts in the travel industry are forecasting continued growth buoyed by a much-improved business travel segment. These positive numbers are good news for Wall Street, but leisure travelers should be warned: those massive deals you’ve enjoyed over the past few years are on their way out of style. “Everyone wants a deal, and we as an industry have trained our customer to not come to us to look for a room, but to go to a third party," said Jan Freitag, senior vice president of global development for STR, a travel data and research firm. "It’s been tough to tell people to raise rates because there’s always someone who has a better rate and a better deal.” Freitag pointed out that on the hotel front, occupancy levels recovered from the recession quickly, while room rates were slow to bounce back. Now that business travel is on the rise, it’s leading the industry’s rebound after a dismal two years of corporate travel-budget cutbacks. Get the full story at Fox Business