When Joanie Ogg, president of the National Association of Certified Travel Agents, began her career 35 years ago, she would spend hours poring over brochures and printed publications to find the best fit for her customers. Today, the information that used to arrive on her desk in sheaves is available on the Internet at the click of a mouse. The Internet, she said, has transformed travel agencies for the better.

“The Internet has been without question one of the best tools a travel professional has access to,” wrote Valley Center-based Ogg in an e-mail interview from her second home in Punta Mita, Mexico. “Travel professionals have embraced this vehicle from day one and will continue to use it not only for research and education, but to enhance their business model.

“Being able to research in literally seconds what took hours in the past has enabled travel professionals to be experts on a myriad of products and destinations.”

Gil Saidy, president of Sorrento Mesa-based Aer Travel, agrees. “The Internet was made for our business,” Saidy said. “It has made us more efficient. Cut, paste, send — we can get the correct information to people easily.”

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