Social media secrets were exposed at the recent Travel Industry Question Time hosted by TravelMole. As experts discussed how to measure the return of social media at the TIQT in the Doubletree by Hilton Hotel in Victoria, London, they offered the industry a host of tips. - Social media is highly measureable. Those that say it isn't don't know what they want to measure. You can calculate ROI easily providing you have the right tools in place. Your web analytics should be able to show flow of clicks from your social channels but remember - traffic isn't the only success factor. - Social media is most effective as a conversation platform and not as a broadcast tool. If you want to broadcast, put your energy into paid for media. Platforms like Twitter are a rich source of conversation. Use advanced search tools to monitor these conversations and don't be afraid to jump in, providing you can add some value. - SMO is the new SEO. Social media optimisation is what your brand should be focusing on as search engine optimisation is no longer about building a link strategy. Don't create content that is optimised for Google. Create content that is optimised for your customers. Get the full story at Travelmole