Simon Goodall, general manager of travel at Groupon for the past three years, told Tnooz: “We think about the customer space very differently than our competitors do. We’re focused on leisure travelers, many of whom are flexible about the specifics of their vacation and are looking for inspiration. Our customers wake up in the morning and discover things they hadn’t planned to buy. Our data shows 80% of the people who buy a Getaway with us were not planning on going to that destination before they heard about it from us. Our internal research benchmarks find the average for online travel agencies is only 15%. We do inspiration effectively. Others don’t. Our customers are wealthier, too, on average. We do a good business in four-star resorts. That’s hardly a trip being primarily driven by ticket size. That’s a decision about value. For suppliers, our appeal is that we’re driving incremental demand. Get the full story at Tnooz