The recent spate of mergers has left relatively few major airlines in control of the industry. Along with Southwest, the remaining three legacy carriers have about 80 percent of the market share for flights within the U.S. Ultra-budget airlines like Spirit, Frontier and Allegiant have provided some competitive fares on select routes, but their presence is not (yet?) big enough to really affect the whole marketplace. “Clearly, the air travel industry has seen major changes in the past few decades, and so we think that it is entirely appropriate for Congress to take a hard look at these changes and the impact they’ve had on competition, customer service and other issues," said ASTA Senior Vice President of Government and Industry Affairs Eben Peck. "As the national trade association for a critical part of the aviation industry, ASTA fully supports the proposal to create a new airline competition commission and looks forward to working with our allies and other stakeholders to see it through to enactment.” Get the full story at Travel Pulse