“It is difficult to tell where your anxiety disorder ends and where actual news begins,” read a recent New York Times essay. Another Times essay puts it in terms of a new sociological condition, “a shared cultural experience that feeds on alarmist CNN graphics and metastasizes through social media.” Permanxiety is also spawning a slew of new industries, services, and gadgets to soothe this collective human condition: meditation apps, meditation retreats, activity trackers and body monitoring devices - seemingly endless variations of them. Not to mention fidget spinners, FOMO (fear of missing out), overcoming FOMO, and Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop (Ugh). What is the travel industry’s role here? Travel is where all the Permanxieties show up in a concentrated form. From the security theater at airports, the cattle-prod state of U.S. airlines, the Trump Muslim travel ban, the laptop ban on airlines, the high-profile terrorist attacks at tourism landmarks in Western countries, and more, travel has become the global crucible for these Permanxieties. Get the full story at Skift