Clickthrough rates (CTRs) for US Facebook ads showed impressive growth throughout 2014. According to data released in January 2015 by Kinetic Social, US Facebook ads had an average CTR of 1.26% in Q4 2014 - up 50% over 0.84% in the third quarter. This rate was more than triple that in Q1 2014 (0.41%) and nearly quadruple Q2’s 0.32%. According to Adobe Digital Index data released in late January 2015, global social engagement with travel industry brand posts on Facebook was 3.5% in Q4 2014 - the second-highest out of the sectors studied. This trailed only retail (4.2%) and led tech (2.9%), media (2.4%) and finance (2.4%). In addition, data from Shareablee showed that the number of unique visitors who engaged with US Facebook brand pages totaled 25,200 in September 2014, up 13.5% over six months. Facebook is the social network of choice among travelers for sharing and engaging with industry content, too, according to September 2014 polling by ShareThis. Nearly seven in 10 travel content shares occurred on Facebook, vs. just 11% for second-place Twitter. At the same time, 53% of engagements, or clickbacks, by travel planners were via Facebook, compared with 14% for Pinterest, the second-highest response. Get the full story at eMarketer