"This idea for brick-and-mortar agencies to provide an inspirational experience, we see a lot of content in that realm right now," said Mark McSpadden, head of Sabre Labs. As an example, McSpadden said, a good deal of content from YouVisit is for travel inspiration. Overall, however, he admitted that VR content is "spotty right now." "What you couldn't do is say, 'Yeah, we've got VR content that covers our top 50 destinations.' I don't think that you could do that at this point," he said. "What you could do is say, 'We've got VR content on these destinations.'" Mark McSpadden, head of Sabre Labs, said most VR content focuses on more obscure locations and is professionally produced. But lower-cost cameras that enable users to generate their own VR videos are becoming more common and affordable (many are in the $300 range), which could make it feasible for users to create their own VR content in the future. Get the full story at Travel Weekly