We all dream of a sun-kissed holiday or the chance to escape to interesting foreign climes – especially at this time of year, when the British winter is clouding the horizon. But, according to new research, travel also dominates our lives when it comes to social media and keeping in touch with friends and contacts online. A study by Facebook into the habits of users who have been on holiday in the last 12 months has found that travel is the dominant theme among posts and updates. The social-media behemoth looked at the activity of 3000 regular users, and found that 42 per cent of stories on their timelines were tied in to travel – whether photographs uploaded on their last jaunt overseas, or simple day-dreaming about the need to get away. Get the full story at The Daily Mail Read also "Luxury travel professionals name Facebook top social network" at Yahoo! Travel and "Wooing travel industry will be Facebook’s key focus in 2014"