When it relaunches April 8 in print and online, Travel + Leisure will lean on a small network of experts in a topic or place, like current contributors Alexandra Marshall, Ted Loos and Andrea Bennett — ultimately, between 50 and 100. They’ll be paid like freelancers, per post. At a time when magazine staffs are shrinking, not growing, going the platform route is an obvious way for T+L to meet its aggressive publishing goals. Lump wouldn’t say what his traffic goal was, but the site had just 1.3 million uniques as of February, per comScore. That approach stands in contrast with the “platisher” model elsewhere, even at Time Inc. Flagship Time has opened up its site to articles from across the Time Inc. portfolio as well as outside publications to pump up its publishing volume. Entertainment Weekly created a network of bloggers, with the stated goal of getting up to 1,000. Even T+L’s direct competitor Condé Nast Traveler created a contributor network last summer with the goal of getting up to 1,000 contributors. Get the full story at Digiday