Online reviews help inform more UK consumers than ever. According to an April 2015 survey from GfK for the UK government’s Competition & Markets Authority (CMA), 54% of UK adults ages 16 and older used online reviews to get product or service information. That percentage would have been higher were it not for the less-digitally engaged over-55s - the two age groups below that cohort both saw response rates of 61%. The study covered six sectors, and respondents were also asked if they purchased or planned to purchase a product or service after reading an online review, breaking down response rates by these sectors. While online reviews were not all that likely to lead directly to a purchase or purchase intent, the category where such intent was greatest was travel and hotels. Of respondents who looked at reviews in this category, almost a quarter (24%) said they would buy or planned to buy such a service afterward. The proportion of those who viewed electronic items and then planned to buy wasn’t too far behind, at 18%, but the response rates for the other four categories were all well back. Get the full story at eMarketer