Travel brands appear to be making the most of Twitter as a customer support channel and four feature in the top 20 brands for that platform: American Airlines, Lufthansa, Virgin Trains and Virgin Atlantic. On Twitter, bus and train companies, travel agents and airlines scored particularly well on Response Rate and Response Time KPIs. Travel brands do score below average for Engagement Rate, however, indicating that they are behaving in a reactive way rather than starting conversations. Five of the top 20 Facebook brands overall are from the Travel industry: Thomas Cook, Thomson Holidays, American Airlines, First Choice Holidays and Lufthansa. Facebook appears to be used well by travel agents and bus companies for customer support generally, still it looks like more could be done to engage customers. Although 100% of Travel brands surveyed are present on Facebook and Twitter, only 89% have a YouTube channel, which is below the total figure of 94% for all brands surveyed. No Travel brands appear in the YouTube top 20, despite airlines generally scoring above the industry average on that platform. Travel is one of the few industries to report an above average presence on foursquare of 37% but, given the location-based nature of the platform, that is hardly surprising. Travel brands are also active on Pinterest (63%) and Instagram (53%) with many survey respondents reporting intentions to increase activity on those platforms in 2013, in addition to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Download the full report at headstream (PDF 1.2 MB)