Slow loading times on mobile is the main reason 36 percent of travel brands claimed to be the principal cause of abandonment, which is a significant loss in sales for these booking Web sites. Two out of three consumers expect mobile pages to load in four seconds or less, but these sites are failing with an average load time of 6.7 seconds on iPhones, causing serious drop out rates. “The degree in variability in network speeds can really have an impact, even on flagship devices with relatively fast processors, on load times,” said Matthew Young, performance evangelist at Radware. “This is true even for mobile, touch-centric sites. “The number of sites not optimizing their content for an efficient user experience is way too high,” he said. “Travel companies with physical locations do everything to ensure their customers have a good on-site experience, and the same should hold true for companies where their operations rely on browser interactions, including mobile, to complete their bookings.” Get the full story at Luxury Daily and Radware