Although tablets are still relatively new to marketers, online travel agencies seem to be one of the industries capitalizing the most on the device’s bigger sizes. At the same time, tablets also play a critical role in connecting all of the different screens that consumers use to make travel plans. “We have yet to see if tablets will replace mobile users,” said Leslie Cafferty, spokeswoman for Priceline, Norwalk, CT. “We have a lot of customers going between screens and toggling between desktop, mobile and tablet,” she said. “The ability to get hyperlocal in what they’re doing is key.” The talk around mobile bookings for online travel agents until recently has revolved around cementing last-minute bookings. Traditionally, this has meant that smartphones played a prominent role in online travel brands’ mobile strategies. Over the past few months though, a slew of online travel agencies have rolled out tablet applications and sites with the goal of making the booking experience simpler and more intuitive than it might be on a smartphone. Get the full story at Mobile Commerce Daily