Here is what 2016 has in store for OTAs & Metasearch sites 1. Direct Booking Push Hotels are tired of being pushed around by greedy OTAs and are using creative marketing campaigns to reduce reliance on these revenue gobblers. Marriott, for example, launched an entire campaign earlier this year called “It Pays To Book Direct” complete with TV spots and carefully managed social posts and ads. The campaign send such a strong message that the brand later issued an apology to “clarify” the messaging, reassuring their strong relationship with online travel agents. Additionally, travel startup TripTease is making waves with a new technology that features a price check popup on a hotel booking engine that guarantees a best rate by booking direct, almost eliminating the need to price shop across the web. This move was a direct stab at OTA and meta search sites and created such a debacle that actually sent hotel clients a letter ordering them to remove the widget from their booking engine, citing inaccurate rates and unlawful practices to acquire pricing information. Get the full story at Fuel