Well, bad news for anyone who is tired of hearing these travel marketing buzzwords: they aren’t going away any time soon. Rather, these highly coveted and growing group of frequent travelers are blurring the lines between traditional travel behaviors and up and coming travel trends. Here are the top travel segments to watch out for in 2016 1. “Bleisure” Fans of portmanteau words will appreciate this up and coming travel segment, officially referred to as the “business leisure traveler”. Gone are they days of in and out conference trips and redeye flights. Though jam-packed travel agendas certainly still exist, more and more business travelers are going out of their way to extend their business trips to enjoy new destinations and new experiences. According to a recent report, 60% of business travelers have taken “bleisure” trips and 30% of business travelers have added two additional days to their trip to enjoy additional activities. Additionally, 78% of those surveyed agreed that adding leisure to business trips adds value to work assignments and 60% said they are more likely to add in leisure to their trip now versus just 10 years ago. So what exactly is the “bleisure” traveler looking to enjoy outside of the boardroom? Sightseeing, dining, and absorbing local arts and culture top off the bucket list as travelers seek to take in brand new experiences and understand more about different regions and cultures. Get the full story at Fuel