This year marked the emergence of several new trends relating to channel and inventory management. Mobile and social channels are showing considerable growth with respect to generating reservations. Concurrently, profitable channels like the GDS and web channels are creating new opportunities for hoteliers to maximize RevPAR performance. The webinar will highlight cost-effective best practices to generate incremental revenue and highlight the changing landscape of consumer and global travel agency behaviors. Webinar content is based on TravelClick’s proprietary Agency360® solution, the only comprehensive database of agency bookings on the market, eMonitor market performance reports and Demand360® forward-looking hotel booking data. Key topics: - Third quarter 2015 review and recap - Regional analysis of key markets throughout the world - The changing landscape of consumer and travel agent behavior - Best practices for maximizing RevPAR performance - 2016 outlook and RevPAR pace review For registration, please go to TravelClick