Findings will be presented by TravelClick experts John Hach, Senior Vice President, Global Product Management, and Alexis Welner, Senior Director of Global Enterprise Business Intelligence. Alexis and John will provide a comprehensive update on Q4 global and local hotel performance and future industry trends with a special look at best practices for optimizing inventory throughout 2015. The webinars will be moderated by Barbara Taylor Carpender, President and CEO at Taylored Alliances. Amazon is about to enter the online travel arena. This development creates a new opportunity for hoteliers to review and assess how to best manage inventory allocations throughout 2015 and beyond. TravelClick co-hosts will present ways savvy hoteliers can optimize room management strategies throughout the ever changing landscape of hospitality distribution channels. Information presented at the webinar is based on TravelClick’s proprietary Agency360® solution, eMonitor market performance reports and Demand360® forward-looking hotel booking data. Key topics: - Best inventory management practices - 2015 outlook and RevPAR pace review - Recap of key 2014 global and local market trends - Review and analysis of 2014 fourth quarter hotel performance - Regional analysis of key markets throughout the world Three sessions will be offered to accommodate a range of time zones. Click the links to register: - 18 February 22:00 (10pm EST – New York) - 19 February 10:00 (10am EST – New York) - 19 February 14:00 (2pm EST – New York)