Given that data is the new gold, TravelClick believes its new product Demand360 will take the Asia hotel market by storm. Demand360 was developed in the US with founding partners Hilton, Marriott, Intercontinental, Hyatt and Starwood and gives hotels performance insight into future hotel data across channels and across segments 365 days in the horizon. It is touted as the tool that gives hotels 100% data of their competitive set across all major channels such as OTA,, GDS, CRS, Direct and across segments such as Negotiated RFP, Discount and Promotion, Wholesale, Group, Retail, Qualified (fences rate/Association). The challenge with any data play is “what you get out is what you put in” and extracting data from an extremely fragmented hotel environment in Asia – in which the majority of hotels are independent and non-branded – is tedious, if not, frustrating. The other challenge is getting hoteliers to understand it and use it as it’s meant to be used. Maria Taylor, regional vice president, sales & distribution, Meritus Hotels & Resorts, is one of those who gets it and calls Demand 360 “a great tool that helps hoteliers to see how the market is performing by segment and by channel. This allows a hotel to know where it is underperforming and to review strategies across that area to improve performance. “It will help us to make much better data-based decisions instead of relying on what we “think” the competitors are doing and the data is trustworthy as it is automatically extracted from each hotels PMS system, so no manual manipulation of results. “We are really excited to be using this to help increase our poorer performing channels and segments. The old adage that “you don’t know what you don’t know” has proven true. Now that we “know” what our comp set segmentation is we now know the segments and channels that we need to work on.” Get the full story at TravelClick