This unique capability pairs TravelClick’s iHotelier Central Reservation System and Guest Management Solutions (GMS) Customer Relationship Management offerings. Private Offers enables guests to register via email or through their social media profiles to unlock exclusive deals on the booking engine. At the same time, user information is collected and stored on the hotel’s account on TravelClick’s GMS platform, adding to the database that TravelClick GMS customers can leverage for future guest marketing and retargeting. In a Private Offers pilot test, TravelClick found that guests who registered to unlock discounted rates were 82 percent more likely to complete their purchases during the session than other users. Guests were also more likely to upgrade to higher-level room types, keeping average daily rates (ADR) at the same level, despite discounts. Additionally, hotels that piloted the feature automatically stored an average 600 new guest profiles per month. Get the full story at TravelClick