This latest stage of innovation, which builds on TravelClick’s recent successful launch of its new Guest Messenger feature on the GMS platform, is geared toward serving hotel guests as promptly and efficiently as possible while reducing the operational responsibilities of hoteliers. Through an advanced chat function, powered by artificial intelligence, hoteliers will now have the ability to immediately address guests’ frequently asked questions with automated, readily available responses. Questions that are not supported by the chat feature will be redirected to hotel staff members to address. “Through the power of data, TravelClick’s enhanced Guest Messenger aids hoteliers not only in further personalizing the guest experience to build loyalty and drive revenue but also in keeping up with customers’ fast-paced mobile lifestyles before, during and after stays,” said Greg Sheppard, Senior Vice President, Business Intelligence, TravelClick. “At the same time, this advanced chat function streamlines the process for hoteliers and, through machine learning, will continue to evolve and grow with new questions and ready-to-go responses as guests interact with the tool over time. This further solidifies TravelClick as the market leader when it comes to enabling hoteliers to engage with guests using their preferred method of communication quickly and effectively.” Get the full story at TravelClick