Demand360 provides hoteliers with unique access to exclusive information and in-depth reports on future and historical demand for both their own hotels and competitive sets. The solution connects directly with property management system (PMS) interfaces and reservation management systems (RMS), eliminating the need for manual data submissions. Hoteliers can use Demand360 to not only optimize revenue management strategies and profitability, but also to adjust distribution strategies with a more comprehensive picture of hotel demand over time. “With today’s increasingly competitive landscape, market intelligence is invaluable for hoteliers, as it enhances our ability to anticipate market trends and analyze, report and act on performance data,” said Miska Leino, Head of Revenue Management at Restel Hotellit Oy. “Access to future-looking data and the ability to track a defined competitive set has been especially vital in enabling us to create accurate forecasts and make smart pricing decisions. For this purpose, it is important that we have access to complete market analytics.” Data from Hilton and IHG properties in Finland, as well as portfolios for Kamp Collection and Prime Hotels, are already available via Demand360. The cloud-based solution is currently available in Scandinavian markets, including Helsinki, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo. Get the full story at TravelClick