This recognition highlights the Company’s excellence in revolutionizing the online booking process, enabling hotels to customize the booking experience for users from start to finish. Part of the WMA’s 2016 Internet Advertising Competition (IAC), the award recognizes TravelClick’s iHotelier Web 3.0 booking engine application at the Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus and showcases the platform’s ability to seamlessly integrate into a hotel’s website to increase conversions and drive revenue. “Since implementing TravelClick’s iHotelier Web 3.0 booking engine with integrated property and room videos, our guests have been able to design their stay and book much more quickly and efficiently, which drives more room revenue for our hotel overall,” said David Dreese, Operationeel Directeur, Amrâth Hotels. “Additionally, guests can easily upgrade their rooms, extend their stays and add additional services at the point of purchase, and the platform’s superior customization capabilities ensure that our guests’ expectations are met throughout their time on our property. This ultimately increases guests’ level of satisfaction and makes repeat visits much more likely in the future.” Get the full story at TravelClick