To meet these important industry needs, TravelClick today launched its revolutionary Video Solutions product to enable hotels to influence customer buying habits through the creation of high-value, unique video content. TravelClick is the only company in the hotel sector to provide a one-stop-shop for a hotel’s total video needs, enabling hoteliers to create a variety of high-level video, in-budget, and then leverage that video content to drive qualified traffic and increase conversion. As video plays a vital role in aiding customer purchasing decisions, it is now more important than ever for hoteliers to integrate it into their digital / mobile marketing and reservations strategies to increase search engine optimization and website traffic – ultimately achieving more direct bookings. TravelClick Video Solutions is a result of the Company’s acquisition of TVtrip, the leading provider of video creation and distribution services for hotels around the world, earlier this year. TravelClick’s Video Solutions enables hotels to produce and disseminate effective branded content in the format that travelers prefer – particularly as they increasingly turn to mobile devices to research and book stays. With its one-stop-shop that makes video not only more accessible but also more affordable for hoteliers, TravelClick offers a variety of powerful, breakthrough video formats that are designed to achieve a brand or property’s specific goal, whether it‘s to drive more website traffic or increase conversion rates / average daily rates. Get the full story at TravelClick