Egencia today releases its Egencia Travel Policy Insights: Global Air Edition to highlight findings on air policy trends among its global travelers. The findings show that companies’ concern for improved traveler satisfaction, productivity and talent retention can lead to trends in how policies are defined around the world. Business travel makes up an important component of the $1.6 trillion travel market, and many business trips are not guided by company travel policies. “At Egencia, we see a huge opportunity to help companies move from unmanaged to managed travel. Building good travel policies is fundamental to this shift, but they are rarely benchmarked,” says Mark Hollyhead, chief operations officer at Egencia. “With this report, we take a look at our own data to provide clues on how policies are shaped around the world.” The Egencia Travel Policy Insights findings show some key trends in prior approval, access to premium cabin class, advanced purchase behavior and day-of-week timing for both booking and traveling. Get the full story at Egencia