Interactive Travel Group announced an expansion of its controlled beta launch of Traveler ID, a new, web-based service that enables travelers to receive personalized service no matter where they book their travel. The company will open up Traveler ID to an additional 25,000 travelers. The service has been in private beta since early May.

"We’ve just added some great new features travelers are going to love," said a company spokesperson. "We're excited to invite more travelers to use our service and begin simplifying their travel experience."

Traveler ID’s professional, easy-to-use website allows travelers to create comprehensive travel profiles, including air, hotel, car rental and vacation preferences - in less than three minutes - and provides each user with a unique identification number, a Traveler ID. The users themselves decide how much information they feel comfortable sharing.

Thereafter, whenever a user books travel at a travel website within the Traveler ID network, the user simply provides his or her Traveler ID number and passcode, and the user’s travel profile and preferences are instantly transmitted to the website, speeding up the booking process. The user is in full control over when and with whom the user’s profile is shared.

Traveler ID is completely free for travelers and charges travel websites a nominal fee for access to travelers’ profiles.

"We’re just about ready to open up to the general public," said a company spokesperson. "We expect to go live for all travelers by the end of the year. Users who don’t make it into the beta program at this time will be invited to create an account before we open to everyone else."

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