And some travel brands are opting for other inventive ways to shorten the path to purchase. Hillside Beach Club in Turkey, for instance, now allows potential guests to request a booking through Instagram by posting a comment with a ‘summer emoji’ on one of its images – with staff then contacting the user to complete the booking. More generally, offering the ability to buy directly through social media is definitely a consideration for brands: our data shows that Vacation Buyers are more likely than average to value ‘buy’ buttons. This combination of social, AI and bots is changing the rules for the travel industry. AI, in particular, has some big potential for travel brands. Its ability to predict the best ad spaces, help travel companies create highly-tailored offers, and potential to make chatbots even more smarter is set to revolutionise travel marketing as we know it. And should chatbots move more into the transactional space, it’s not hard to see how social itself could soon become a full-service marketing solution. Get the full story at We Are Social UK