The travel industry is having difficulty convincing consumers that it can use personal data effectively and responsibly, according to a new survey from Boxever. According to respondents surveyed for “Roadblocks to the Connected Consumer,” only 27 percent of consumers think the travel industry can use their data to improve customer experience, compared to the 49 percent that think retailers will and 72 percent that think Google knows their preferences and interests. Consumer reticence stems from ineffective advertising but is more muted among millennials, presenting two opportunities for the sector. “Consumers aren’t always seeing the positive side of sharing personal information with the brands they frequent,” said Dave O’Flanagan, co-founder and CEO of Boxever. “A big part of this is the inundation of ineffective advertising and the lack of real, personalized marketing. To regain consumer trust and successfully market to and engage with their audiences, companies need to be thoughtful about how they use customer data and focus on creating truly personalized, relevant experiences.” One important first step that hotels and others in the travel sector can take is to turn down the frequency of emails while focusing instead on personalizing the content to rejuvenate the affinity with the consumer. Get the full story at Luxury Daily