There’s no doubt that wearable tech like the Apple Watch and Google Glass has the potential to change travel in a big way, with abilities like keyless and cashless hotel experiences to the potential to sync with Bluetooth for a more hands-off experience. Wearables are also improving business travel, helping those on the road for work stay organized and fit on the road, not to mention the potential for one-click upgrades and instant bookings right from your wrist. Airfarewatchdog founder George Hobica thinks it may simply be an instance of the general consumer being “gadgeted out with another thing to lose, another thing to worry about, to go obsolete and to keep charged.” If you ask Paul Wilke, CEO of Upright Position Communications, it’s likely also because watches are generational, and the advent of the Apple Watch came too late to migrate traditional watch users to connected watches. Get the full story at USA Today