The discrepancy suggests that while travelers crave a single platform, they want that platform to be quality. "In order to drive compliance and adoption [of corporate booking tools], companies need to make sure the platform they are providing to employees offers at least the same convenience, user experience and choice of options that consumer-based services do," according to the report. KDS surveyed 1,216 U.K. and U.S. business professionals in March. For those who booked directly with suppliers, 49 percent said convenience was a factor. About one-third cited a wider choice of travel content, and 14 percent named lower costs. Almost half of those who booked policy-compliant business trips spent five to 20 minutes researching and booking each business trip, whether that's a flight and hotel or train and hotel. More than a third spent 20 minutes to one hour, and 8 percent spent longer. Get the full story at Travel Weekly