Anyone seeking a bigger audience than just family and friends for videos of their summer trip has a new place to go on the Web. Formally launched today, Travelistic aims to be the YouTube of online travel, where people can post videos and share travel experiences and tips using social networking features like tagging and user profile pages.

Under the tagline "Watch Where You're Going," Travelistic will also encompass professionally produced programs including "The Thirsty Traveler," which visits wine and spirit-producing regions; "Get Out! Girls," following three friends touring exotic locales; and "Focus On," which explores lesser-known destinations.

Travelistic has also amassed videos from 120 boards of tourism, and is adding more than 100 videos a week for a total of about 1,000 so far. "We feel like there's a lot of opportunity for travel video," said Nicholas Butterworth, founder and CEO of Travelistic's parent company Diversion Media, which plans to roll out a series of niche video sites over time. Butterworth, the former head of MTVi and CEO of pioneering music site SonicNet, said he envisions Travelistic as a hybrid of user-generated and licensed material to offer "multiple points of view."

Travelistic is also planning to develop original content in the form of a weekly video podcast about travel, for which it is now soliciting video auditions on the site.

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