With the launch of Travelocity's new activities tab, travelers can now book destination-based "travel extras" a la carte from a single location, saving both time and money. The new functionality, accessible from the Travelocity homepage, allows shoppers to book such travel extras as part of a dynamic package or now for the first time as stand-alones.

"We understand that taking a vacation means more than just planning how you're going to get there," said Bryan Saltzburg, vice president leisure businesses for Travelocity. "Our new activities tab enables us to provide travelers with another level of service to ensure an unforgettable experience."

Whether interested in a scenic helicopter ride in Hawaii, a Cirque de Soleil performance in Las Vegas or even taking part in the mysterious DaVinci Code Tour in Paris, Travelocity has your ticket. With more than 1,400 travel extras in more than 150 top destinations worldwide, travelers now can book everything from discounted dining services to outdoor adventures like snorkeling with humpback whales, in one place, at one time on www.travelocity.com/activities.

Travelers searching their destination of choice can choose from a laundry list of activities and attractions to suit all interests, including: golf and spa packages; attraction passes; ski adventures; museum tours; admission to parks such as Busch Gardens, Sea World and Walt Disney World; sky diving; Broadway and off- Broadway shows and white water rafting to name a few.

To complement the wide array of activities travelers have to choose from, Travelocity has developed a feature that allows consumers to surf various categories of offerings at each destination through easy-to-understand tabs. Travelocity's Activities page includes popular categories such as: Attractions, Shows and Events, Tours and Activities, Outdoors, Dining, and Transportation.