Want to sell more products online? Buy good old-fashioned TV. That's the conclusion of Jeffrey Glueck, chief marketing officer for internet travel agency Travelocity, which is increasing its TV ad budget to encourage travelers who book online to search out its name rather than generic terms such as "discount travel" or "Hawaii vacation."

"The dirty little secret to search [engine advertising] is you make money buying your own brand name, but on generic terms, the clicks are more expensive and the return is low," he said. "So how do you get those customers to search you out by brand name? You do more TV advertising."

Mr. Glueck did not say how much he would increase his TV outlay, but it's already apparent that Travelocity is putting more effort into the medium. Last year, the company spent one-third of its $85.2 million budget on TV, according to TNS Media Intelligence. Through the first six months of this year, Travelocity dedicated half its total $53.5 million budget to TV. So expect to see more of its iconic and ubiquitous "Roaming Gnome" created by its agency, McKinney, Raleigh, N.C.

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