Travelocity Business today announced two new enhancements aimed at increasing the productivity of the business travelers who use its services.

First, Travelocity Business will start issuing individual e-mail statements to business travelers that clearly outline all of their recent travel and transaction activity. The reports are designed to aid travelers during the expense reporting process, and reduce the number of follow-up calls needed to get the details from an agent or corporate travel manager.

In addition, every traveler who refunds a ticket through Travelocity Business will now receive an immediate e-mail confirmation that the refund took place, to prevent worrying and waiting for the adjustment to appear on the next monthly credit card statement.

"The mindset of corporate travel agencies has been to collect travel data and share it at the managerial or procurement level," said Joel Bailey, director of Product Marketing at Travelocity Business. "Now, we're finding ways to also share relevant data with the individual travelers, so that they stay more informed and spend less time during their work day searching for the travel information they need."

The individual traveler statements will be available for issue either once or twice a month, depending on dates set by the corporation that can be adjusted to reflect corporate card billing cycles. Some of the data that will be shared on the statements include:

- Trip history - Outlines all activity associated with each trip taken by the traveler. Includes changes, cancellations, refunds, and any service fees associated with the corresponding trip. Each service fee will be assigned a unique number that also appears on the traveler's credit card statement to allow for easier reconciliation and reporting.

- Unused tickets - Lists all unused tickets available for use to help the traveler recoup their value.

- Expiration alerts - Proactively notifies the traveler before credit cards expire.