The consulting unit at Travelocity Business introduced two new tools as part of its hotel procurement service to help companies increase overall compliance with their corporate hotel programs.

The first tool confirms that company negotiated rates with each hotel supplier appear correctly in the GDS, the main distribution channel for corporate hotel programs. This is especially important for companies with large or growing hotel programs that previously had to perform the time-consuming task of manually validating up to tens of thousands of rates loaded into the GDS after annual hotel negotiations were completed.

A second new tool helps companies avoid the use of unapproved rates that may appear as company discounts in the GDS, also known as "squatter" hotel rates. The capability crosschecks a company's negotiated hotel program against these rates within the system, so that corporations can better regulate the use of legitimate hotel rates.

After the automated audits are completed, a Travelocity Business consultant meets with participating companies to review the audit reports and pinpoint areas that can be further streamlined. Companies have the option of choosing a standard package that includes two automated hotel audits within a six-month time period, or more frequent hotel audits based on need. Pricing is based on a sliding scale, so that companies with a larger number of hotel suppliers receive a volume discount on the hotel audits.

"Our corporate customers and their hotel suppliers work hard to create hotel programs that are mutually beneficial, and we don't want those efforts to go to waste," said DeAnne Dale, vice president of Consulting Services at Travelocity Business. "These new tools improve the accuracy by which corporate-approved hotel rates are used, allowing companies to meet their contracted commitments, which will be key for successful negotiations in 2007."