As managing business travel cost becomes increasingly critical to companies of all sizes, Travelocity Business has entered into an agreement with Worktopia to provide customers with unprecedented visibility and control over meetings.

Worktopia's Universal Meeting Solution (UMS) will power Travelocity Business' new online meeting booking capability. UMS completely automates the process of arranging small off-site meetings, allowing any meeting arranger to search, compare live quotes, book function space, and overnight group accommodations as well as catering, and A/V equipment in a single, real-time, online session. UMS is the only online booking tool that enables the booking of simple meetings across hotel brands and venue types from live rate and room availability for guest rooms and function space.

Initially, Travelocity Business will provide this service through a team of professionals trained to ensure customers achieve their online meeting management objectives for savings and control by maximizing use of preferred suppliers and accessing special supplier contract rates and terms. The service is also expected to be offered as a self-booking tool, licensed directly to customers who wish to manage their own programs. Travelocity Business will use the robust reporting and expense tracking capabilities of UMS to assist its customers in controlling unmanaged small meeting spend and driving savings.

"Companies of all sizes are under more pressure than ever to manage, justify and report on meeting spend," said Lesley Harris, president of Travelocity Business. "By providing our customers with new visibility and centralized control over expense policy, we are opening the door to significant savings opportunities for a huge category of unmanaged spend."

"Our relationship with Travelocity Business represents another important industry milestone in the online migration of real-time meeting management, in much the same way other core categories of business travel have moved online and away from manual processes." said Worktopia CEO, John Arenas. "The efficiency of automated booking means immediate opportunities for savings and control for customers and market share shift for suppliers who embrace it."

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