Travelocity and Hotel Booking Solutions Inc. (HBSi) have enhanced the way hotels link their systems to Travelocity for seamless rate and room management and automated booking delivery.

Recent developments made by the HBSi and Travelocity teams allow HBSi access to Travelocity’s global hotel platform and more robust pricing models including the opaque pricing used in the Top Secret Hotel program as well as Travelocity’s latest promotional pricing.

These new capabilities complement technology already provided by HBSi that enables last room availability and same day bookings within Travelocity’s hotel shopping engine.

“HBSi is a valuable resource for us and our hotel suppliers,” said Noreen Henry, senior vice president, global partner services, Travelocity. “We’re excited to roll out these enhancements and look forward to continuing our relationship with them.”

“Travelocity has been a valued partner of HBSi for more than four years, which is a testament to our shared philosophy that robust, reliable, real time connectivity drives revenue; a win for Travelocity and its hotel partners,” said Peter Krebs, HBSi’s Chief Executive Officer. “We look forward to our continued collaboration with Travelocity to drive greater value and advancement to the online travel industry.”

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