Three global internet giants for online travel booking, mapping and editorials, Travelocity, Google and Lonely Planet, will partner with Fairfax Digital to create four travel websites for Australians.

Each of the four sites will be built to compliment each other and aid Australians in researching and booking their international holidays. Fairfax Digital will promote and manage the sites and also extract travel articles from the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age.

Each business will add their industry know-how to the sites. Travelocity, through local subsidiary Zuji, will offer the sites’ travel booking capabilities. Google will add their capabilities with mapping and street directions. Lonely Planet will offer their acquired travel knowledge and editorials on locations.

Jack Matthews, Fairfax Digital Chief Executive Officer said, “Our partnership with one of the worlds leading travel sites will ensure the continued success of Australia’s top online publisher in one of the fastest growing online categories.

“We will extend our services to meet our users online travel needs, bringing together both world-leading online travel booking inventory and maps and Australia’s leading travel editorial sourced from Fairfax Media, Lonely Planet and consumers.”

The Fairfax Digital Team aims to launch the new travel brands over the next six months and aims to dedicate each site to a major category of travel including those of flights, accommodation and car-hire. They hope the coming sites will achieve the popularity of acquired earlier this year.

James Cassidy, Fairfax Digital General Manager said, “Australians are amongst the most travelled in the world. We believe our new sites will be a benchmark for consumers, not only to book and research their travel needs via world leading travel inventory, but to become part of an online community which allows them to communicate with fellow travellers and find the right travel solutions for their journeys.”