Travelocity will allow RateVIEW, TravelCLICK's hotel rate shopping tool, to interface with the Travelocity system. This collaboration represents the first third-party rate monitoring implementation with Travelocity to deliver direct content for competitive analysis and reporting.

Travelocity works hand-in-hand with the world's most reputable travel providers, providing powerful shopping technology. Supplying the rate data of such an influential agency as part of the RateVIEW hotel rate reporting is a significant differentiator for TravelCLICK. It will enable hoteliers to understand market dynamics better and improve their competitive position. TravelCLICK's partnership with Travelocity establishes the reliability of rate data from this important channel where other rate shopping products might be obtaining data through unsanctioned and less reliable methods.

RateVIEW reports offer the most current and complete data available. Information can be accessed in real time or through scheduled reports. It provides an accurate, comprehensive, and forward-looking snapshot of rates and availability from more than 130 major travel websites, brand sites, and the GDS. Reports are based on user-defined criteria and are generated in the hotelier's format of choice -- including XML files that integrate with revenue management systems.

"We are excited to bring this enhanced capability to the global hotel industry with the support of a leader in travel commerce like Travelocity," said Scott Farrell, Senior Vice President of Product Management at TravelCLICK. "This official 'front door' access to critical decision support information provides the confidence and security that hotels need from a rate shopping solution."

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