Travelocity now offers customers the opportunity to purchase their getaways using Verified by Visa, a payment card fraud-prevention service that protects Visa cardholders when shopping online.

"We want our customers to shop on Travelocity with confidence, ease and speed," said John Mills, chief financial officer of Travelocity. "Verified by Visa provides a quick, simple way to provide our customers additional assurances that their online transactions are secure."

Verified by Visa enables online shoppers to select a personal password they can use to authenticate their identity every time they make a purchase at Travelocity or one of the more than 100,000 merchants worldwide that now offer the service. In the same way a personal identification number authenticates cardholder identity at an ATM, using a Verified by Visa password authenticates each cardholder making it far more difficult for unauthorized users to make a transaction with a stolen card number. Visa cardholders can sign up for the service through their card issuing bank, at the Verified by Visa Web site or when making a purchase.

"Travelocity believes that its customers deserve great travel experiences, and implementing Verified by Visa is a key factor in ensuring customers have an quick and secure buying experience," said Gerry Sweeney, senior vice president of Visa USA. "In addition to supporting the fight against fraud, Verified by Visa supports merchant sales because consumers are more confident about the safety of their online purchases."

The adoption of Verified by Visa has played a major role in driving payment card fraud to its lowest rate ever. In addition to reducing fraud, the service provides economic benefits to merchants, including chargeback savings and a reduction of the merchant discount rate. Other travel industry leaders that have implemented Verified by Visa include JetBlue Airways, Northwest Airlines, Hotwire, Yahoo! Travel, and AOL Travel.