Travelocity announced the full roll out of a proactive alert system designed to make travelers aware of inconveniences they could face before leaving for their trip.

Designated as an integral component of Travelocity's customer advocacy-based "Customer Championship" program launched 10 months ago, "proactive problem prevention" involves a dedicated team in the Travelocity customer care group identifying and investigating issues that may occur during customers' trips. The team reviews issues that are brought to Travelocity's attention, like noisy, ongoing construction at a popular resort, and then alerts customers with travel plans to the resort to advise them of the concern and help them make informed decisions about their travel plans.

"Proactive problem prevention has been a pilot program in our customer care centers from the earliest days of Customer Championship," Peluso said. "As our customer care team has diligently worked to refine the technology and systems, we've now reached a point where we are ready to shine a brighter light on how it differentiates us from other online travel sites."

A new Travelocity Roaming Gnome(SM) television advertisement, making its debut tonight (Feb. 28th) during the two-hour season premiere of the Emmy-award winning "Amazing Race" on CBS at 9:00 p.m. EST, will play a central role in communicating this message to consumers. In the spot, the Roaming Gnome, now the "Proactive Enforcer" of the Travelocity Guarantee, is behind-the-scenes as a Travelocity customer care representative contacts various travelers prior to their trips. During the calls, the customers are informed that the pool at their hotel will be closed, and then Travelocity offers the option to stay at another hotel with a pool in working order if they would like.

"If you're a Mom or Dad on vacation with the kids, the last thing you want is to arrive at the hotel and find out that the pool is closed," Peluso said. "With our proactive alert system in place, we are now able to consistently and efficiently execute a process to avoid instances like this."

In fact, between Jan. 15 - Feb. 16, 2006, under the guidelines of proactive problem prevention, Travelocity contacted more than 1,000 customers in advance of their trips and advised them that hotel pools would be closed temporarily for renovations.

But there's more to proactive problem prevention than keeping customers informed about hotels with closed swimming pools. For example, the customer care team recently sprung into action on behalf of Travelocity customers flying to the Los Cabos International Airport over the next several months. To accommodate the rapid increase of visitors to Los Cabos, the airport is undergoing renovations. In order to keep customers traveling to the destination fully informed, Travelocity sent emails alerting them to the situation and suggesting they allow extra time at the airport. To date, this email communication has been sent to more than 1,700 Travelocity customers.