Travelocity is encouraging consumers to use Thanksgiving travel mobile applications to help with managing itineraries, flights and accommodations as part of its 2014 Thanksgiving Travel Survival Guide. “Apps like Travelocity’s help users access and manage bookings while on the go during this busy holiday season and are invaluable when the unexpected happens and travel plans need to be modified,” said Courtney Scott, senior travel editor and travel host at Travelocity, New York. “Travel apps can give you a leg up to find a hotel or reschedule travel with the click of a few buttons if your flight is cancelled.” “The benefits of travel apps extend far beyond just booking Thanksgiving air and hotel travel,” Ms. Scott said. “There is an app for nearly every aspect of travel, from real-time flight tracking, to finding cheap gas, to language translation and detailed road maps. Get the full story at the Mobile Marketer