Travelocity?s foray into MySpace with The Roaming Gnome was made with increases in traffic, bookings and brand loyalty/buzz, as well as exposure to new audiences, clearly in mind.

?Because of MySpace?s popularity and its far-reaching social tentacles through features like ?add a friend? and bulletins, we were intent to pursue this venture with our client,? said Pete Lerma, Principal of Click Here. ?The viral implications alone leave one, in the words of The Roaming Gnome himself, ?giddy with delight.??

Case in point: with minimal hype following the profile?s soft launch, The Roaming Gnome quickly amassed more than 3,300 friends (and counting).

To help keep the brand top of mind in the social networking space, The Roaming Gnome?s profile has an array of features for his friends to enjoy, including downloadable icons, wallpapers and profile skins; videos; ringtones; games; a search/booking widget; and access to the Gnome store on Travelocity. Additionally, The Roaming Gnome will actively communicate with his friends via regular blog entries and bulletins.

?With a solid, well-loved brand like Travelocity and the social pervasiveness of MySpace, this campaign just made sense,? said Deborah Italiano, vice president of marketing, Travelocity. ?Travelocity is thrilled to be into the world of MySpace, and we are equally excited about the early buzz that the campaign is generating.?

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