To increase the opportunities to sell hotel rooms and derive incremental revenue, agents can now search for hotels by vicinity using a full or partial address. This is something that can’t be achieved by travel agents working with traditional, ‘cryptic’ point-of-sale products, unless they leave their system to search elsewhere for key information. Also, recognising the need to deliver efficiencies, a hotel billback solution has been integrated into Travelport Smartpoint. It increases security and saves agents time by automating the manual reconciliation process, utilising Virtual Account Numbers, or ‘VANs’ as provided by eNett International. This also allows a business traveller to stay at a hotel without having to pay their hotel bill on departure, as the payment is arranged between the traveller’s Travel Management Company and the hotel. With Travelport Smartpoint, agents can see images, comparisons, maps and reviews of hotel properties as well as specific offers based on traveller’s loyalty memberships. Together with the enhancements announced today it is helping agents to work smarter, increase sales and revenues. Get the full story at Travelport