Looks like Worldspan is not gone that quickly, as Gordon Wilson says:

"For the next two or three years, there will be different flavors, because there are some areas of different strengths and weaknesses in the systems for different market segments. Worldspan has a much better profile and capability in the online travel agency marketplace, and Galileo has a much better portfolio and presence in the multinational TMC arena. You don't want to androgynize the product lines if there is no benefit to the customer. As we align the product sets, the first phase will be as I've described, but over a few years, it will be irrelevant as to which core is being used."

On the question of how long there will be different content in both GDS, he says:

"For as little time as possible. There are some things that we have to work out there, as you might imagine, legally. Through our supplier community relationships, to end up with one agreement with one Travelport that then pipes them in to three different systems on an equal basis, that helps streamline commercial relationships and the technical connectivity that the supplier has and enriches both of our systems. We've done that before. That's exactly what we did when we put Galileo and Apollo together. Our supplier customers today have one contact and one connectivity for both Galileo and Apollo. That's where we envisage going with Worldspan, which would augment it with the richer content that Galileo has today."

And yes, he also confirms an interest of Travelport in joing Sabre/Amadeus' Moneydirect non-air payment system:

"Yes, that type of business would make a lot of sense to do at an industry level. It's something the industry needs and would improve the industry all around. It's really a business that benefits from huge scale and a global footprint. What they seem to be proposing is very sensible and it would be interesting to see if that could be made into an industrywide capability."

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