Travelport for Business today announced it would provide onsite agent services for corporate clients, a move Orbitz Worldwide Corporate Travel Solutions Group COO Dean Sivley said was driven by demand from current and prospective corporate accounts.

The majority of prospective clients and corporations inquiring about onsite agent service have at least $5 million in U.S. booked air volume, according to Sivley, who also noted that some buyers with lower air spending who manage heavy international travel and high-touch programs are considering adding at least one onsite agent.

"There were a number of clients who called us or sent RFPs who were interested, loved our service and loved the idea of driving online adoption to 80 percent, but would like one or two agents onsite to either handle VIP or international, then supplement that through a source like ours, but we couldn't participate in that because we couldn't support that configuration," Sivley said.

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