While Travelport's Travel commerce platform revenue grew 4.7% to $586.2 million, including 2% growth in "air" segment revenue to $417.4 million, and an 11% increase in "beyond air" revenue to $168.8 million in Q3, the company's "beyond air," eNett revenue climbed 30% to $54 million, thanks to transaction growth with several major European and Asian online travel agencies. Travelport CEO Gordon Wilson lauded Travelport's broad-based international growth, particularly in Asia where the company is gaining market share. Wilson also elaborated on the reasons for Travelport's falling profitability: "Our Adjusted EBITDA decreased in the quarter, with several of our planned technology investments moving from design to implementation phase, as we further expand our products and capabilities. We also incurred higher commercial expenditure relating to the growth and ongoing implementation of our signed new business. As our mix of business continues to pivot toward the fast-growing online channel, I am confident that these investments will drive sustainable longer-term growth." Get the full story at The Motley Fool and Travelport