Travelport is unveiling a new brand identity in a bid to reaffirm its commitment to travelers and travel professionals.

According to the company, the new logo and branding symbolises the three key elements of travel: earth, sea and sky, and it embodies the continuous integration of the Company’s core businesses - Orbitz, Galileo and GTA; moving together in a forward motion.

The timing of this new identity coincides with the news that Travelport (formerly Cendant Travel Distribution Services) will be sold to an affiliate of the private equity company, The Blackstone Group, for approximately $4.3 billion in cash.

“As a private company, Travelport will have considerably greater financial latitude and strength to take advantage of growing opportunities in the travel market. And this is why the time is right to step out with a fresh, memorable look and message that reaffirms our commitment to travellers, travel professionals, and travel suppliers alike.” Stated the company.