“I see agents as being like ‘centres of excellence’ says Robert Bailey, president & CEO of Abacus International. If you look at any of these knowledge-based businesses, the core [value] is the know-how,” Bailey said in an interview at the Abacus International Conference (AIC) in Abu Dhabi. “[They are] adding value by understanding travellers’ requirements, understanding what is required in terms of the supply side, how to put it together, how to package it, and how to [turn it into] a compelling value proposition, and supporting their customers. “So I would say that the logical evolution is that travel agents… [start to] act as a concierge. They can be a ‘virtual concierge’, they can be a concierge acting through a mobile-enabled delivery channel, or they can be a destination expert or a subject matter expert, like a niche diving site. And that will add value to the consumer side,” he continued. Get the full story at Travel Daily