Travelzoo Inc. has collected more than one million user ratings for its SuperSearch intelligent search tool. Travelzoo uses each one of those valuable user ratings to more efficiently provide recommendations on the best deals available for hotels and flights.

"User ratings are what makes SuperSearch different from other online travel search tools," said Steve Clarke, Travelzoo's product manager for SuperSearch. "Each time a traveler uses SuperSearch we ask them to pick the most valuable travel site for their particular search. We factor those user ratings into the next search. Crossing the one million milestone in user ratings gives SuperSearch a great deal of intelligence."

Traveler ratings are one piece of the SuperSearch recommendation equation. When Internet users visit SuperSearch to find travel deals, the user ratings are factored with additional information such as travel dates and route information. SuperSearch then recommends Web sites that provide the best deals on flights and hotels to meet the travelers' needs.

"Travelzoo users are smart travelers who know reliable travel providers and excellent deals. The fact that so many people have chosen to provide feedback is outstanding," Clarke added. "They are providing vital information and helping others receive better search results when looking for travel information."

SuperSearch is one of the fastest growing services provided by Travelzoo. In the past year, the company reported a 40 percent growth in the use of SuperSearch. Since its inception in 2004, SuperSearch has generated more than 59 million clicks to advertisers.

In addition to user ratings, SuperSearch has additional benefits that help users conduct better, more efficient travel searches. Research shows consumers explore multiple travel sites in search of deals. With SuperSearch, users can view multiple sites without re-entering their travel plans numerous times. SuperSearch does the searching for users and recommends only relevant sites, including low-cost airlines that often do not list their inventories with major online travel agencies. It also recommends nearby airports and package deals, which may offer additional savings.